National Flagship

The National Flagship project is a very exciting proposition and would be an unmatched opportunity to demonstrate the best of British talent to the world. It would be an opportunity to create a versatile and multifunctional vessel that could be used for official events and exhibitions alongside private meetings and dinners for government officials and dignitaries.

The team at Gresham Yacht Design sharpened its pencils in 2020 and got to work to create their vision for this prestigious vessel. With a strong belief that the National Flagship should harness the power of wind, the concept for a large sailing vessel was born and has been developed from there.

This design incorporates a large double-height atrium with office and meeting room spaces for practical and official use when moored at home, abroad or at special events.

The vision for the interior would be functional and engineered to be as environmentally conscious as possible, using wind and hybrid power for sailing.