OceanXplorer 1 was commissioned by an existing owner and philanthropist who together with OceanX aim to further explore the secrets of the ocean together with director James Cameron and BBC’s Blue Planet.

The 87-metre conversion project has been exciting to be involved in for which we conceived the exterior design along with all the technical spaces, sub/Helo hangar and interior layout.

OceanX will use OceanXplorer 1 as a next generation platform to discover 70 per cent of the planet that remains mostly unexplored and share this secret world through carefully executed media. The mission of the team is to enable explorers and researchers to explore the unseen ocean, map uncharted areas of the world, observe rare deep-sea creatures, and pursue scientific and medical breakthroughs — and then bring all of these wonders back to the wider world.

“We were thrilled to be a part of such an exciting and unique project. These types of projects are rare to come by and we are honoured to have been commissioned by the owner to deliver a design that is extremely functional and robust, it is a true explorer vessel.”

— Steve Gresham, Director

To take on global expeditions, OceanXplorer 1 is fitted with state-of-the-art marine research labs, cutting-edge media equipment, manned and autonomous deep-sea submersibles, helicopters and drones. A media centre within the vessel ensures superior film making capabilities, which have been developed in consultation with filmmaker and ocean explorer James Cameron. “With OceanX and OceanXplorer 1, we will reignite global passion for and curiosity about the ocean in our global, digitally-connected age,” says James Cameron.